Being an anthropologist means to be ecclectic by definition.  Human beings come in different colours, shapes and adaptations to natural, social and cultural environments.  However, it also means to spend time with communities through participant observation and to try to explore the different ways in which we express our humanity.  

During my years of research, I had the opportunity to conduct fieldwork among different communities, studying related aspects in particular relationships between religion (Islam), identity and emotion.  This has brought me to explore how these factors affect phenomena such as faith, secularism, radicalism and gender relationships in different social contexts. For a detailed list of my research, please see my CV
and publications.

Research Interests

  • Anthropology of identity and emotion
  • Anthropology of religion (specialisation in Muslim communities)
  • Anthropology and neuroscience
  • Youth and society
  • Anthropology of global social threats
  • Immigration and migration

Regions of Interest

  • South and Southeast Asia 
  • Western Europe, US and Australia
  • North and West Africa